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Dating Advice: Indecisive To Focused In 5 Steps

Romantic Love Story

You are a single woman who is frustrated because your life and relationships are humdrum and mundane. Time to make some changes. What are you really passionate about? What makes your heart sing? Are you waiting for a relationship to make your life begin? It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and begin […]

5 Secret Ways to Show Your Love to Your Partner

Show Your Love To Your Partner

There are many ways to express love to your partner other than quoting the actual words “I Love You.” Usually the fire in relationships dies down after a while and the feeling of your heart pounding with the excitement of being with your significant other is not felt nearly as often, or even at all. […]

Why Do We Hurt Those We Love Most And How To Stop This

We Love Most

You love each other but can’t manage to communicate without arguing, fighting and ending up exhausted, each one in his corner, trying to lick his wounds and thinking of how to protect one self against a new attack. And in spite of that you love each other? How is this possible? Why do people hurt […]

3 Empowering Tips for Surviving Feedback – the Good and the Bad

Empowering Tips for Surviving Feedback

Committed to changing your life? Congratulations! But don’t be surprised when people start offering you advice and opinions on what you should and should not do. The following tips will help you navigate your way through the abundance of opinions you’re sure to face on your way to creating a life you love. Feedback is […]

Three Steps to Attracting More Satisfying Relationships

As long as the Law of Attraction has only the ‘DON’T want’ script, it is restricted to orchestrating that script over and over. We must give the Law of Attraction some NEW MATERIAL to work with. What do you really want in your relationships? Security? Affection? Loyalty? Companionship? Communication? What? Do you wonder why you […]