Cupid not working?

As we journey through life most of us have had those periods of time when we are single just a little too long…right? As we age and get “too busy”, get “too picky” and even get “too lonely”, perhaps the better question would be, “Why NOT”

Let’s take a look at the multitude of dating sites “out there” today, all easily accessible through the World Wide Web. There is ZOOSK, ELITE SINGLES, SILVER SINGLES, OUR TIME and eHARMONY just to name the few that come up on top in web searches. One interesting fact is that across the board there are slightly more women than men on every site mentioned. The typical ratio is about 47% men to 53% women, so that is good news for the single men on the prowl. The cost and procedures vary from site to site, with most offering “free startup” of some kind quickly followed by the need to pay for a subscription to continue communicating with potential matches.

There are several different Dating Site Reviews available on line, with the top 10 rated, all delivering slightly different results. is number one in several reviews and always in the top three in others, leading one to believe this is the best site to subscribe to.

We usually think that these companies are simply very eager to take our money, and of course these are businesses so there is some truth to that thinking. For the lonely man or woman, spending your money is not a problem as long as getting satisfactory results is the ultimate goal, and does deliver results. It takes some effort on your part as a subscriber however… you have to put in some effort! Send some classy messages, “LIKE” some pictures you see so that the person can see you are interested, and most importantly be who you really are!


Online dating advice: Post a recent picture of yourself and tell the truth in your bio! When you do meet up with someone they will be interested in the YOU that you advertised, not some pics from ten years ago and a fairy tale bio. Be classy and polite in all of your communications! Do not stalk someone you are interested in if they have already shown no interest in you…you are only driving them further away and looking desperate! Be willing to meet up at a local coffee shop just for a hello in person. This really works well and you both know within a few minutes if this match will work or not, or is at least worth going out on a real date.
Each individual is different and that is what makes the world go around! On for example, you can plug in the age groups and search area that you are particularly interested in, and then the company emails you several times a week with potential matches. I personally have been a member of and managed to meet up with a couple different people for dates. As of the writing of this story I am returning to for a second try…hope to see you there!

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