The Power of Positive Thinking

Tremendous flow of vital energy

Welcome to the bridge of manifest life. Don’ t let any situation take the control. You are the second master of the game, under the universe master law, what you think is what you get. Can that be possible? Yes, it can be, you have to be in a manifesting state, your mind, your body is one, not two.

The flow of energy that is rotating in the universe can break you if you are not going in the right direction. You must follow the laws of the universe, and be happy. Do not worry about what is happening, but accept it and move towards a positive trend, but never stay without acting when the bad situation, the non lucky time frame is falling on you, this is definitely a law of the universe, and it will happen again and again, you must do something, but the thing that will put you on the right track…

You must understand that; be careful, the universe can’t be redirected, rather you should follow the same direction, and profit from the tremendous flow of vital energy coming from the six directions.

Good forces are there, but you must know how to avoid the bad forces. Although the positive forces are stronger, it is easy to fall in the wrong wave, and quite difficult to focus and stay on the right way.

So how can you be positive all the time, you think: nobody can do that. No, a lot of people do it, what is the difference between them? Two kinds of people: The sleeping, and the awake. It is not the real sleep here, you should understand what the sleeper is: in fact, he is awake like everybody, so why is he a sleeper?

Just look around you, and try to find out: is that man awake or he is a sleeper? Do that exercise, and you will be astonished with the results, you will be able to feel people, to feel the energy, like you feel the wind touch on your skin… He is a sleeper because he cannot control, he does not see… Everyday, he wakes up like every people in this world(law of the universe, nobody can change it), however, he is not satisfied with his life, it is just a matter of doing things because they have got to be done, because most are doing this. The sleeper acts, eats, and does everything without vitality, without energy, without love, without passion, he is a sleeper, his life is empty. Worse he doesn’t know what is life… We will complete the sleeping case, and start with the awake, the enlighten case…

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